All the drum stuff is made with my voice.

This is the soundtrack to a nightmare where you’re in a strange, dark museum, and there is some weird goddamn art all over the walls.

I might continue it. Who knows.

Welcome! Also, listen to my music.

Hello! I’m Ilumi, and here’s a quick sampling of my music for your listening pleasure. If you like any of it, please do click the follow button! I also really appreciate any comments you might want to give me, so go ahead and do that, too! The first track, All For Nothing, is what I would consider my best work to date. I recommend people start from that one, and just keep listening - there’s about 45 minutes of music in this set.

However, if you’re a fan of metal, track #2, Broken Mirror, is the one you want.

And if you’re in an ambient mood, start from track #8, Blank Paintings Covered the Walls!

Please click here to listen to my albums, or here if you’d like see what sort of things I might be able to make for you!

Ever since making Through the Wormhole, I’ve been fascinated with distortion. What would happen if I were to make my usual emotionally charged music and just distort a whole bunch of stuff? I decided to try it on this one.

The story of this song is that I was at a brain dissection yesterday — there was a whole head of a man with his face squished up and parts of his head systematically cut open and removed. This image has haunted me ever since, and I can’t bring myself to study brain anatomy. So I figured I’d get some emotions out somehow.

I’m considering polishing this and adding vocals, actually. I really dig this concept, but some parts I don’t entirely like (I would’ve changed the drums towards the end, but my drum software crapped out). Maybe I will do some more work on this one!

This is a short one I did in one sitting. At first I recorded the keyboard you hear at the start and throughout the whole thing, and figured I’d just add stuff and see what happens. First I added some drums, then an acoustic guitar which I later decided to distort the hell of — I removed pretty much all the lower frequencies from the guitar, and the track sounded a bit empty. So, I added a bass track! The first track slowly fades out as a more distorted one comes in. Finally, I figured I’d try to distort the drums a bit, too.

Jitters says it sounds like something out of an abandoned science lab in a video game, and I like that description!

I was doing some guitar improv and came up with a pretty neat little riff. Then I decided “OK, I’m going to record this so I don’t forget.” In the end, I recorded the riff and kept going until the take was three and a half minutes or so long, and decided I would keep that take and make a complete song in one sitting. It ended up taking just about 30 minutes, which is where the title comes from. Meaningful, yup!

So here, have the first complete song I have made in almost two years. It’s something completely different to anything I’ve ever made, and you’ll probably either love it or think it’s not very good. I’m in the former camp. Apparently this belongs in Diablo 2?

In any case, I know I haven’t made good on the promise to actually make music. I think it’s because I don’t feel the need to use music as an emotional outlet anymore. When I was a troubled teenager, this was my only way of letting out my negative emotions. Then as I got better, I didn’t need to make music anymore. It’s kind of a cumbersome thing to compose, record and produce a song all by yourself, especially if you use real instruments. Oh well! We’ll see what happens. Making this was super fun.

What I’ve been doing for the last year and a half.


You might remember me as that one person who made Broken Mirror and other assorted songs wayyy back when. Then I went silent, and now I am making a return!

So here’s what happened: I had my finals, and graduated from high school with excellent grades. After working on my final exams all summer, I decided to take a long break from everything and did nothing productive for a little while. Then, around December, I started preparing for the entrance exam to medical school. In Finland, this entrance exam is known for being incredibly grueling, and it ended up being the hardest exam I’d ever taken.

But I got in! After that six month ordeal, I spent the summer, again, doing nothing productive. School started in September, and it’s kept me pretty dang busy. Only recently have I started really getting into the groove of everything, so I decided to start making more music again. I already have a ton of ideas.

There’s one more important bit: I learned to sing. I joined our school’s choir, and just now have started feeling confident enough to show my voice to the world. I decided to record the weird cover of MLP’s theme song on a complete whim, and a random impulse told me to upload it here. I’d like to start making music utilizing vocals from now on, but without resorting to normal song structures. We’ll see what happens.

So hey, expect me to maybe start posting stuff again! I’ll also do a bit of redesigning, as I only jumped on the pony bandwagon because my best friend has connections. I like the show, but not enough to have it be a part of my identity.

Also! If anyone’s interested in maybe doing some lyrical stuff for me, please contact me. I’m horrrrrible at writing lyrics, so it’d be interesting to do something with another person!

Broken Mirror PMV by Ganuzeri

I wasn’t even informed of this. It is AMAZING. Go watch it, y’all.

And once again, something quite different. I’m used to doing songs where the guitar is mostly in the lower register, but this one’s very, um, well… Listen for yourself!

This time, you guys get two songs for the price of one! Originally this was a two-parter, but I just kinda merged the two for easier listening. I forget exactly what it was about, but it had some kinda personal meaning. Eh, maybe not that personal, considering I forgot.

ANYWAY. I couldn’t help but notice that I got a whole total of seven plays on the song I posted yesterday. Go listen to it, you guys. Seriously. ;_;

(The title is Finnish, by the way, and stands for “For the Sake of Art”.)

This song had something to do with romance - I made it for a couple. They liked it a lot! That much I remember. It’s also my first attempt at polyrhythms and doing something kinda dissonant!

In any case, it’s once again kinda different from what you might expect from me, while still having that certain sound. It’s very proggy again. Lots of guitar work.

"Fun" fact: A year or so after I made this, the person I made this song for contacted me, asking me to change the word "boyfriend" in the description of the song into "friend". I was all like :(.

No song today.

Sorry, I’ve been busy as hell having a friend from out of town over at my place.

Gonna post again tomorrow, so look forward to it!

This here’s the first song I ever made for BDR, and also the opener of my album, Stories of Another World. It’s pretty damn proggy, basically a proto-Broken Mirror. Lots of nice guitars and stuff in this one. Perhaps it’s not my favorite, but I still like parts of it a lot.

There’s quite a bit of story behind this one. I think I’ll let BDR explain it.

This one is pretty post-rock. I really like the melodies I did; there’s a lot of emotion in the distorted guitar. The slow progression is really nice, too, but it doesn’t change too much. I think some songs benefit from having a very certain motif, and this is one of those.

I might remake this one day. I still pretty much remember exactly how to play it, and it’d be nice to revisit it one day now that I actually own a bass guitar, haha.

Nearing 100 followers! Hell yeah. Thanks to everyone who decided to follow! I love all y’all.

The person I made this song for cried when hearing it for the first time. And no, not because it was bad. :V

I think this is a really nice piece that flows super well. It’s got that sound y’all (hopefully) love me for, which I can only describe as atmospheric metal.

I, uh, got like 12 followers overnight just now. How come, I wonder? Maybe that secret bit I accidentally posted made me suddenly become popular. Anyway, hi there!

solomoncaine said: BDR sponsored you, so I'm gonna follow you. Thank BDR. But out of curiosity, since this was how they decided to advertise you, do you do music for just pony OC's or any OC?

I’ll do any OC. :D

I’m not just a pony musician.